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Some Recommended Reading: Dean Baker on the GOP’s Plan to Privatize medicare

I haven’t done enough of this lately–in fact, haven’t done enough posting lately, but that’s another matter–but this is the start of my efforts to include various good stories and links on a wide array of issues. This comes from Dean Baker, a brilliant guy writing here in The Guardian, on the lack of adequate media coverage on the implications of the Paul Ryan (R-WI) plan to privatize Medicare. In it, Baker contends that the mainstream media has wholly ignored the fact that privatizing Medicare will result in costs totaling roughly “$30 trillion,” which is about six times the projected shortfall down the road in Social Security. The key for Baker is not only this enormous burden of privatization, but also the disparity among the same media and politicians over Social Security funding issues (which are considerably overblown) and the implications of the Ryan “plan.” The latter has simply not generated the same attention, analysis, or outrage as the former, despite its far more devastating implications. Please read.

More on this and other issues to follow.

–Jason Kozlowski