Illinois World Labor Hour Saturday, February 26 Show Available

27 Feb

Thanks to fellow host, all-around good guy, WEFT factotum, technical guru AND big blues fan Bob Paleczny, the latest edition of the Illinois World Labor Hour that aired yesterday on WEFT Champaign, 90.1 FM is now available for download and listening at Devoting most of the show to the amazing events in Wisconsin, and the solidarity protests spreading around the nation,we took two live calls. One was from IWW General Executive Board member John Reimann, who is in Oakland, CA, whose blog is linked to the right in our list of links, and who spoke at length about workers’ activism, the protests, and their implications for the labor movement. Germaine Light, an IEA member, also phoned in with reports from yesterday’s solidarity protest in Springfield, IL. Tom Thomas read an outstanding poem entitled “Stop Being Victims!” as part of his weekly “Cultural Corner” segment, and we covered news items, including the GEO’s initiation of a 24/7 Solidarity Vigil that has included myriad local protests, trips to Wisconsin, union events, speakers including history professor Jim Barrett on labor and working-class history and labor relations expert Monica Bielski Boris on public-sector workers, and a film series that yours truly is hosting at the campus Y at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

–Jason Kozlowski


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