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Illinois World Labor Hour: 11/20/10 Show

First, welcome everyone to the blog for WEFT 90.1 FM’s “Illinois World Labor Hour.” For those unfamiliar with it, the show airs on Saturday mornings at 11 a.m. out of Champaign, Illinois and its excellent community radio station, WEFT. For those out of town, you can tune in via the Internet at, and click the “Listen Online!” tab in the top right corner of the web site.  The hosts are David Johnson, Bob Paleczny, Bill Gorrell, Tom Thomas, and Jason Kozlowski.

The blog is up and running, but will be somewhat under construction for the next few weeks as we add links and other items to the blog, so please be patient with any changes and updates. We might also tinker with various formats and designs, but will be posting regularly here. We will gladly accept comments on our posts. All you have to do is go to and, if you do not have an account with this massive blogging outlet, you can easily register with a valid e-mail account to create a user name and your own password. As we craft posting policies and guidelines, please keep all comments polite, even and especially if you disagree with others. We can agree to disagree, that is, without being disagreeable or hostile.

Here is a link to the show which aired November 20th, which can be accessed at Radio For All. Many thanks to co-host Bob Paleczny for uploading this to Radio For All.  Enjoy, and hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday.

Jason Kozlowski